What makes our school super COOL!!

Adults say that it is important to give children the best opportunities in life, so I am glad mum and dad chose this school for me as things keep improving here all the time!

Everyday, I get up to go to a lovely school in the centre of Murcia, the San Buenaventura school. There is where I meet my classmates and together we embark on a learning journey to become one day the pillars of our society.

Our school follows a Christian ethos that means that there is no stigma to having a learning challenge here. EVERYONE IS VALUABLE. Besides, more and more pupils are identified as gifted and talented in one way or other thanks to our experts from the pedagogy team, who are skilled in the art of leading a child through learning.

In addition, as our school was awarded the bilingual status by the Region of Murcia (CBM), recent decorating work has provided a new Languages Room with a wide range of bilingual books, puzzles and educational games. Having all these new resources and materials in a separate room allow us to improve our English by having more quality time with our teachers Miss Smiles, Mr. Clog, Miss Beth and Mrs. Sparkle. We split the classes in half to enjoy a more one to one approach to learning a second language successfully.

These teachers only speak English to us. They use a range of teaching techniques to keep us interested and to develop our understanding of the language. They claim that it is important to start learning a language early to become fluent and knowledgeable of the culture. Only a few weeks ago we were hunting for Easter Eggs because apparently in other countries like England, bunnies lay chocolate eggs!! We also sing and dance, we do arts & crafts with finger painting, wax crayons and play-dough...

My school is cool!




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Educación vial

¡Sorpresa para los alumnos de 3 años: NUEVAS BICICLETAS! (haz clic para ver las fotos)

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